Do you known that Buenos Aires has more football stadiums than any other city in the world?  The city has more than 35 stadiums of teams playing different categories of Argentine soccer, making it an attraction for sport lovers.

Discover the neighbourhood passion behind Buenos Aires’ most popular sport.

The new five-hour Football Neighbourhoods bus tour runs three days a week and visits five of the city’s major clubs, Boca Juniors, Huracán, San Lorenzo, Argentinos Juniors and River Plate.

It starts from the new central Tourist Assistance Center, Plaza del Correo Hub, and explores the footballing identity of 13 city barrios, or neighbourhoods. The tour will pass through the neighbourhoods of Retiro, Monserrat, San Telmo, La Boca, Barracas, Boedo, Flores, Caballito, Villa del Parque, Villa Crespo, Palermo, Belgrano and Núñez, exploring how each neighbourhood’s identity is connected to its passion for its football club. The audiovisual system on the bus will display images relating to each club, interviews with footballers and stories relating the clubs’ histories.

The objective is to allow visitors to experience the passion that local people feel for their clubs.

Registration for the tour itself is free (Book online to reserve your place) and offers the chance to enter stadiums and club museums at special promotional prices.

Useful Information about Football Neighbourhoods Guided Bus Tour


  • The tour runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at 10.00am.
  • It is not suspended by rain.


  • The tour requires pre-inscription online. Book here to reserve your place.


  • It starts from the new central Tourist Assistance Center, Plaza del Correo Hub. Address: Av. Leandro N. Alem and Sarmiento.


  • 6:30 hours.


  • The tour includes an audioguide in Spanish and English.


  • The tour is free; you only pay for lunch and the admission fee for each stadium. Visitors may choose not to enter every stadium.
  • Optional entrance fees (Pay at the entrance to each club): The cost if you choose to enter every stadium will be AR$340 .
  • Optional lunch (Special promotion: choose from three fixed menus: football menu, vegetarian menu or wheat intolerance): AR$100.
  • Total: AR$440