It is important to know how to pack your luggage, but most important is to protect and ensure your suitcase to avoid being opened or harmed in airports.

When travelling the suitcase becomes part of us so it is an essential and valuable tool that deserves to be protected.

We give you a few tips that may be useful for the traveller:

  1. When travelling, it is advisable to cover your suitcase with plastic, this will help protect it. Airports offer this service that ranges from usd$10 to usd$12. You can also make it by buying plastic paper.
  2. Try to have a lightweight suitcase with few pockets, because if luggage has many pockets it can be opened at airports.
  3. In your luggage never take your important documents such as passport, money or objects of value as cameras, because you take the risk of being robbed and also they can harm your objects.
  4. Check out previously that the handles and zipper of your suitcase are in perfect condition to have better security as the luggage is well packaged.
  5. Currently, the luggage comes built-in with a security system, however, you can get an economical lock but tough that is difficult to open. The TSA also recommends padlocks for security which are very resistant and are handled through key. You can get these locks in the traveller shops.
  6. Also remember that your traveller assistance card covers damage and loss of baggage.
  7. We recommend not to carry in your luggage products such as food, seeds, chemicals, etc, since it will be subject to review and may be open it or break it.
  8. Remember that damage of your luggage or loss must be notified to the airline so they can respond for the damages.
  9. Don’t forget to mark your luggage with your name and personal data and also if you are carrying something fragile report it when you make your check in at the airline so they can put a sticker of fragile baggage.
  10. It is recommended that you carry little baggage in a small suitcase. The fact of carrying too much baggage may also be subject to review.

By: Catalina Martínez