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Tripcase: Organize your travel plans in one App

If you’re an organized traveler, you must have this app on your smartphone. Tripcase is a tool that organizes and maintains all information of each trip, managing itineraries with accurate data (reserves, numbers of flights, transport) in one place.

The first thing you should do is to download the application. You can download it here. The good news is that it is available for Apple and Android.

In addition to being very useful this application is very easy to use. After you download the application you can complete your profile and add other e-mail addresses. To access your profile page, you must enter from a desktop computer.

The great advantage of the app is that you can register with your account Facebook or e-mail and since then whenever you buy a ticket or make a hotel reservation and receive a confirmation email you  send to and the system automatically imports. I.e., the application reads the mail with the reservation code, the airline, the point of departure and arrival schedules and automatically joins the route.

Some of the tools that the application offers:

  • Schedule and track your flights status: You can schedule and find out the boarding gates and departure times changes or if there are delays almost at the time that the companies announce them. You can schedule automatically via email or manually from the web or mobile application.
  • Calendar: It alerts you the days until the next trip begins.

Tripcase: Organizá todos tus viajes en una sola aplicación

  • Plan your trip: You can add items to your trip as reservations, train tickets, tickets to concerts, cars rental, reservations in restaurants, excursions, etc. You can also add how you’ll move from airport to your accommodation and the tourist spots you want to visit.

Tripcase: Organizá todos tus viajes en una sola aplicación

Tripcase: Organizá todos tus viajes en una sola aplicación

  • Online check-in: You will be able to choose the seat where you want to travel.
  • Printable version: You can print the itinerary and share those who need to know where you’ll be. It is a summary of the means of transport, dates, times, and locations.
  • Share your trips with friends: You can share with others your travel updates, all you need are their email addresses. Or if you travel with someone it is ideal to have the same up-to-date information. You can also follow other trips in the “Following” tab.
  • Weather: It provides you the information of the weather of the different destinations that you have planned to visit.

Tripcase: Organizá todos tus viajes en una sola aplicación

  • Indicate where you are: It indicates where you are, the app uses the database of Foursquare.
  • Find useful information in Tripfeed: Query relevant messages in Tripfeed for travel with more agility, or discover something new. These messages refer to specific segments of your trip, from opportunities to make check-in for your flight, change of flights up to company travel policies.
  • Add contacts: You can schedule addresses and telephone contacts during your trip.
  • Add notes: You can write notes in the same application and avoid papers.
  • Save time: With the option “Time line” you can have a quick look to your itinerary.

Tripcase: Organizá todos tus viajes en una sola aplicación

  • Access to important travel documents: On the travel documents section you can save and access quickly those documents that you need.