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Combo 10 KM Colonia: Sports in Uruguay

A number of sports activities including the Combo 10 km Colonia Racing in which tourists are also invited to participate takes place during the summer. The Combo 10K Colonia is a 12 Racing Championship of 10k in 12 cities in the Department of Colonia, which goes from the first stage which began July 30, 2016 in Rosario to the 12th ending on 28 January in the town of Colonia de Sacramento. The race is one of most organizing sporting events from the Uruguayan region oriented to promote healthy lifestyle, integration and solidarity.

Useful information about Combo 10 KM Colonia Racing

Colonia. Uruguay.

July 30: ROSARIO
August 13: MIGUELETE
August 20: JUAN L.LACAZE
September 3: CARMELO
October 15: LA PAZ
October 22: CONCHILLAS
November 5: TARARIRAS
November 19: VALDENSE
December 10:  NUEVA HELVECIA
December 17: NUEVA PALMIRA

Coming soon:
January 15: SANTA REGINA. (Av. De los Inmigrantes y Lenguado. 6 PM)


Combo 10 KM Colonia Racing


  • 10 km and 5 km with  simultaneously start and finish in the same place.


  •  1 hour and 30 minutes.


  • Up to 1 hour before the begging of the race at the meeting point.


  • It has a cost of UY$550.-(five hundred and fifty Uruguayan pesos) per participant.
  • The re-enrolments will cost UY$ 250.-each.


  • Children under 18 years of age must present an authorization signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Modality: 5 k (for over 12 years) and 10 k (for over 15 years).

For more information

Call to 099324211 094396752.

Tips for health

To all the participants we recommend:

  • Submit it to a review medical prior to the career
  • Not participate if you have suffered an injury or disease recently
  • Ensure a suitable diet prior to the career (rich in carbohydrate and low-fat)
  • Rest the prior day
  • Perform a good warm-up
  • Hydrate well during the career
  • Make a good stretch at the end of the career