In contrast to other modes of transport, air travel involves many hours of waiting, scales, baggage and documentation reviews and security controls that often create discomfort and the feeling of losing time (in the era we are living time is gold!) Today we want to share you 5 tips to save time at the airport and try to reduce the pre-flight stress suffered by the majority of travelers.

5 tips for saving time at the airport

1. Check your flight status before leaving home

Only takes a couple of minutes but means the tranquility to know that our flight is on schedule, if the flight has been delayed or even cancelled for any reason and you must call to reschedule connections, etc. All the airlines offer in its website the state of the flights. Many also offer download an application from the cell phone to receive the latest updates about the flight, and even report the gates on the way to the airport.

2 . Make the check-in on line    

48 hours before the flight we are enabled to make the online checkin from the website of the airlines. You can enter your booking code or personal identification, enter your personal data and choose seats on the plane in which you want to travel. On this way when you reach to the counter to make the check-in in person you will do it in just a few minutes.

Online check-in can be done from any computer on the web sites of each airline or also the “self” checkin at airports. Only enter the passport number and flight number and is enough for the machine to recognize the itinerary and print us the boarding pass.

3.Take the permissible amount of fluids and other objects

We recommend to check the official website of the airline you travel before you luggage and check all the requirements. Make sure about the quantities and prohibited objects and just in case bring a plastic bag because if you need it, will be helpful.

4. Check the weight and measures of the luggage

If you don’t feel like walking out the clothes in the middle of the airport or having to pay extra for overweight check the weight and measures of the luggage before leaving (especially in the low-cost airlines that are much more demanding!) You can weigh your luggage with a common scale. Each airline has its policy about the measurements and weight so we recommend to check the information on the website of the airline on which you travel.

5. Have the documentation on your hands

It may seem very simple but you save time. The things that you need on your hands are your Passport, Boarding Pass, affidavit of goods, migration card or the special documentation when traveling with children or pets. Some destinations may require  additional documentation as an insurance of travel.