In Buenos Aires the after office is not new. If you travel for business, you should not leave the city without attending an after office. After the stress accumulated during the working day if you feel like you can relax with a cool craft beer  but you do not know where to go, don’t worry. Today in this post, we want to share you 5 options so you can enjoy an After office in Buenos Aires and have a good time with coworkers.

 After office in Buenos Aires: 5 bars to go

1) Million (Recoleta)

It is a house of three floors with a stunning garden located in Barrio Norte and converted into a restaurant and bar. It offers tapas and Latin American food, drinks, room of projections and six rooms with armchairs, all very decorated with low lights, excellent music and relaxing atmosphere. In summer it is ideal for drinking outdoors in the yard or the terrace. A gem of Buenos Aires architecture in the middle of the city.

  • Address: Paraná 1048.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00 and 20:00.
  • Telephone: (011) 4815-9925.
  • TIP: Try the mojitos or drinks with yerba mate.
  • Website:

2) Uptown & The Bronx

The place is decorated like a New York subway station and belongs to the city’s hidden bars circuit. It has a menu that includes very good drinks.

  • Address: Arévalo 2030.
  • Opening Hours:  From Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 pm.
  • TIP: For dinner you should book in advance. They have online booking system.
  • Telephone: 011 2101-4897.
  • Website: Uptown & The Bronx

3) The Temple Bar (Palermo)

In this bar located in Costa Rica 4677 the mystique of the after office remains intact, at 7 pm, the bar is full of people who just escape their offices. The bar is a restored old House with an Irish style, a typical European Tavern with an austere wooden furniture, floor bricks and old windows. It has two patios on the front and the bottom of the bar with low lights and good international music (rock and indie).

The Temple Bar offers drinks and imported whiskeys and craft beers of renowned brands. The menu includes pizzas, sandwiches and a wide variety of potatoes. In addition the bar offers hamburgers as the “Temple Burger” with cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, egg, lettuce and tomato or the vegetarian of carrot and yamani rice with rosemary, cheese, Roasted Peppers and purple lettuce.

  • Address: Costa Rica 4677.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 6 pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 11 am.
  • TIP:  Go early in the evening, until it becomes full and occupy a table on the patio of the background.
  • Telephone: (011) 48315430.
  • Web: 

4) The Shamrock (Recoleta)

With great career opened its doors in 1995, being the first Irish bar in Buenos Aires. It is established as one of the more known places of the city and keeps in the center of the life night because receives lots of famous DJs. There is a track of dance with electronic music. It is ideal to drink a beer after work.

  • Address: Rodríguez Peña 1220.
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday: 18:00-3:00 / Thursday: 18:00-5:30 / Friday: 18:00-6:30 / Saturday: 22:00-6:30.
  • TIP:  Happy hour todas las noches hasta las 00 hs.
  • Telephone: (011) 4812-3584.
  • Website:

5) 878 (Palermo)

It is a restored old House. In 2011 it was elected as one of the best 50 bars of the world by Drinks International magazine. It has a ten-meter bar to enjoy its outstanding menu of cocktails (classic and author), in addition to its large collection of whiskies from around the world. Daiquiris, Gin tonic or Caipirinhas are recommended.

  • Address: Thames 878.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 19: 00. Saturday and Sunday from 20.00.
  • TIP: 2 x 1 Monday to Friday from 19.00 to 21.00 hours.
  • Telephone: (011) 4773 1098.
  • Website: