Without doubts one of the major attractive of Colonia is its Historic Quarter. This city was disputed by Spanish and Portuguese for more than two centuries and the historic district of Colonia was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.

The domination of both peoples is well visible in the architectural style of the houses, churches and Government buildings.

On the south side are located the main milestones as the Lighthouse (you can visit until the afternoon), the Church and “Calle de los Suspiros”.

Barrio Histórico de Colonia

“Calle de los Suspiros” is the landmark of this city and stop for taking pictures.

On the Club of Yachts there are some small beaches where you can relax and get wet in the warm water of the River in this area.

We can enter to another historical place: el Bastion del Carmen. It is located in Rivadavia Street and was built in 1880, being a very good tourist attraction when it comes to architecture. The Ministry of Education and Culture bought the Bastion del Carmen to convert it in a outdoor Cultural Centre.

Barrio Histórico de Colonia

Barrio Histórico de Colonia