On Thursday, May 25  the Maya Race 2017 will be held in Palermo. In this post we share you all the useful information about this traditional race of the city.

A bit of history about the Maya Race in Palermo

The Maya race in Palermo is the more traditional athletic race of the Argentina. Towards the end of 1971, the Metropolitan Athletic Federation appealed to the journalist José María Muñoz, one of the founders of the South American Club and passionate about the sport, to come up with an event to support athletics. Together with Juan José Taccone (President of the Federation at that time) and his colleague Gonzalo Pertierra (of Radio Rivadavia) had a brilliant idea: Maya Race, an athletic competition that would meet all the lovers of the race of our country.

Since its beginning, this pedestrian test was constantly growing, rapidly becoming an international competition involving most recognized figures.

Carrera Maya en Palermo

Useful information about the Maya Race in Palermo


  • Thursday, may 25, 2017.


  • 08:30 hs.

Departure Point

  • Figueroa Alcorta and Monroe. Palermo. CABA.


  • 3 y 10 Km.



With T-shirt

  • $ 390

Without T-shirt

  • $ 290


With T-shirt

  • $ 300

Without T-shirt

  • $ 250


Tips for health

To all the participants we recommend:

  • Submit it to a review medical prior to the race
  • Not participate if you have suffered an injury or disease recently
  • Ensure a suitable diet prior to the race (rich in carbohydrate and low-fat)
  • Rest the prior day
  • Perform a good warm-up
  • Hydrate well during the race
  • Make a good stretch at the end of the race