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Rally Dakar 2017


The edition of the Rally Dakar 2017 proposes a new tour demanding by the weather conditions, the natural environment and the adaptability of each participant to those atmospheres. It will cover three countries (Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina) for a total of about 9,000 km of route. There will be 6 days to more than 3 thousand meters above sea level.

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Workouts for Hotel Gyms

Sometimes businessmen travel more often than usual in a month or even a week. To keep an exercise plan while they are out of town for reasons of business or pleasure can help them to stay motivated and to download the stress. There are many hotels that have gyms with stationary bikes, weight machines or dumbbells to do stretching or exercise so they have no excuses. Ask the hotel staff about the location of the gym and operating times. Today we recommend you some workout routines for Hotel gyms to be able to exercise even if you are traveling.

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5 tips for saving time at the airport

In contrast to other modes of transport, air travel involves many hours of waiting, scales, baggage and documentation reviews and security controls that often create discomfort and the feeling of losing time (in the era we are living time is gold!) Today we want to share you 5 tips to save time at the airport and try to reduce the pre-flight stress suffered by the majority of travelers.

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