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Fanáticos Fútbol Tours: Uruguay is Football. Become part of the football experience!

In Uruguay football is a social and cultural phenomenon that goes beneath the boundaries of sport. It is a collective party, which is unique in the planet and is recognized all around the globe. Football runs through the blood of all the inhabitants of this country and is a distinctive element in the cultural identity of its citizens. Uruguay is Football. Become part of the football experience!

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Guided visits to the Salvo Palace in Montevideo

If you are walking through the Uruguayan capital do not miss the guided tours to the Palacio Salvo in Montevideo. They take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 pm.

Salvo Palace is located between Plaza Independencia and the Avenida 18 de Julio and it was built by the Italian architect Mario Palanti at the request of the entrepreneur Angel Salvo who relied on its previous establishment in Buenos Aires, the Barolo Palace. This emblematic building’s Art Deco style had a design inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The building was inaugurated in 1928 after six years of construction. With a height of 105 meters was the highest building in South America until the year 1935. It has 27 floors and two basements and 370 rooms.

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How to spend a weekend in Colonia

The relaxed atmosphere and the short distance make Colonia (Uruguay) an ideal destination for weekend getaways for Argentines, or for those who take advantage of holidays in the country. In this post we want to share you information about how to spend a weekend in Colonia

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Trip to Colonia

Colonia del Sacramento is a destination that invites you to enjoy throughout the year.  The historic district, the cobblestone streets deserve a walk, the lighthouse, a true symbol of the city next to the famous street “Calle de los Suspiros” are a huge reason to cross the river. I invite you to make a trip to Colonia.

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