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5 tips for saving time at the airport

In contrast to other modes of transport, air travel involves many hours of waiting, scales, baggage and documentation reviews and security controls that often create discomfort and the feeling of losing time (in the era we are living time is gold!) Today we want to share you 5 tips to save time at the airport and try to reduce the pre-flight stress suffered by the majority of travelers.

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What to do and see in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City, in the United States, on the western edge of the Island Long Island. Despite the union with New York, Brooklyn maintains a strong identity. It has been called “The city of trees”, “The city of homes” or also “The city of churches” and lately is booming and growing as a “hipster” place with many new places and interesting clubs to meet. If you’re thinking about a trip to New York do not miss visiting this place. We share you what do and see in Brooklyn.

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