Montevideo (Uruguay) has become an ideal destination for Argentines who want to make a getaway weekend, or to take advantage of holidays in the country. The capital of Uruguay and Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, are within easy reach of each other. If one could draw a straight line it would mean about 200 km away. However, the capitals are separated by the Rio de La Plata, nothing more and nothing less than the widest River in the world. How to go to Montevideo from Buenos Aires? What is the best way to cross the Rio de Plata?

The possibilities are various, and the final choice will depend on the budget and the time that you want to invest. You have three ways to go and to analyze what is the most suitable option for your trip.

How to go to Montevideo from Buenos Aires

By plane

The plane is the fastest way to get and the most expensive.  The airline that more direct flights has and regularity is Aerolíneas Argentinas. Other companies that fly with less frequency are Alas Uruguay and the recent Amaszonas Uruguay. 

The direct journey lasts between 40 and 50 minutes and there are flights from AR$ 2,465. You can click here to find cheap flights to Montevideo.

By sea

It is the most common way in which tourists travel. There are four companies to cross the Río de la Plata by ferry: Buquebus, Seacat Colonia, Colonia Express and Cacciola.

  • Buquebus: It is the largest and most well known company. It has various services according to the boat: Buenos Aires – Colonia – Montevideo (takes 6 hours with slow ferry and bus combination); Buenos Aires – Colonia – Montevideo (takes 4 hours fast ferry and bus combination) and Buenos Aires – Montevideo (direct ship 2:15 hours).  Prices vary, depending on whether the class is tourist or first, and according to demand and season. You can consult the fares and schedules on its web.

Cómo ir a Montevideo desde Buenos Aires

  • Seacat: It is the economic brand belonging to Buquebus (leaves from the same Terminal Buquebús) system is the same as the Buquebus passing through Colonia.  Buses and boats schedules and tickets are perfectly coordinated. It has the best cost/benefit and is reached in just 4 hours.
  • Colonia Express: The only difference is that the Colonia Express Company boat departs from the dock that exist in the South Dock, instead of going out from the docks North of Puerto Madero.
  • CacciolaIt is the company that offers the cheapest price to cross the Río de La Plata in boat. But it is also that takes longer. The boat departs from Tiger to Carmelo and thence is going by bus to Montevideo. To look at the prices and schedules come to their web.

By land

Also you can get by car or bus. These are the choices that takes more time to arrive.

  • By car: It takes about 6 / 7 hours. You can follow the route in Google Maps.
  • By bus: It is the most economical way to go to Montevideo from Buenos Aires. It is a journey of 600 km and it takes approximately 8 hours although sometimes it takes seven hours and half or nine, everything depends on the company and stops. The companies that connect these two cities depart from the bus station of Retiro in Buenos Aires and reach the Terminal Tres Cruces in Montevideo.  General Belgrano and El Rápido  are two of the companies that perform this way. To check companies and timetables click here.