The edition of the Rally Dakar 2017 proposes a new tour demanding by the weather conditions, the natural environment and the adaptability of each participant to those atmospheres. It will cover three countries (Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina) for a total of about 9,000 km of route. There will be 6 days to more than 3 thousand meters above sea level.

The most demanding motor sport race takes place on 2 January in Asuncion and will finish on January 14 in Buenos Aires. The 316 vehicles participating of the Rally Dakar 2017 (with pilots of 59 nationalities and with 9 women in the list of enrolled) will discover by first time Paraguay.

Rally Dakar 2017

The tour will encompass the territory of 3 countries: Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

  • 1ª: (January 2) Asunción (PAR) – Resistencia (ARG) Motorbikes, quads, cars, SSV and trucks: 454 km, 39 km special.
  • 2ª: (January 3) Resistencia (ARG) – San Miguel de Tucumán (ARG)Motorbikes, quads, cars, SSV: 803 km, 275 km truck: 812 km, 284 km special.
  • 3ª: (January 4) San Miguel de Tucumán (ARG) – San Salvador de Jujuy (ARG) Motorbikes, quads, cars, SSV: 780 km, 364 km truck: 757 km, 199 km special.
  • 4ª: (January 5) San Salvador de Jujuy (ARG) – Tupiza (BOL) Motorbikes, quads, cars, SSV and trucks: 521 km, 416 km special.
  • 5ª: (January 6) Tupiza (BOL) – Oruro (BOL) Motorbikes, quads, cars: 692 km, 447 km trucks: 683 km, 438 km special.
  • 6ª: (January 7) Oruro (BOL) – La Paz (BOL)Motorbikes, quads, cars and SSV: 786 km, 527 km special. Trucks: 772 km, 513 km special. Rest day. (January 8).
  • 7ª: (January 9) La Paz (BOL) – Uyuni (BOL)Motorbikes, quads, cars,  SSV and trucks: 622 km, 322 km special.
  • 8ª: (January 10) Uyuni (BOL) – Salta (ARG)Motorbikes, quads, cars,  SSV and trucks: 892 km, 492 km special.
  • 9ª: (January 11) Salta (ARG) – Chilecito (ARG) Motorbikes, quads, cars,  SSV and trucks: 977 km, 406 km special.
  • 10ª (January 12) Chilecito (ARG) – San Juan (ARG) Motorbikes, quads, cars,  SSV and trucks: 751 km, 449 km special.
  • 11ª (January 13) San Juan (ARG) – Río Cuarto (ARG) Motorbikes and quads: 754 km, 288 special cars and SSV: 759 km, 292 km special trucks: 754 km, 288 km special.
  • 12ª: (January 14) Río Cuarto (ARG) – Buenos Aires (ARG) Motorbikes, quads, cars,  SSV and trucks: : 786 km, 64 km special.

TIP: Spectators area

Spectator areas are spaces specifically designed for the public, in order to offer the best possible conditions of comfort, visibility and security.