If you still not decided when to go to the Peruvian capital, in this post we tell you when is the best time to travel to Lima depending on the type of activities you want to do.

When is the best time to travel to Lima?

Lima has a climate defined as subtropical desert and wet at the same time. It keeps relatively warm temperatures (with annual averages of 19 ° C), lack of rainfall and a high level of humidity throughout the year. As it is placed in a moist but desert area, it almost never rains in the city although clouds covered the city most of the year, so people often describe it as a grey city.

Lima has two distinct seasons: summer and winter.  While summers are hot and the winters are fairly fresh, there is no extreme temperatures, so at any time of the year you can enjoy a pleasant climate.

How is the summer in Lima?

  • Summer takes place from November to March, with average highs of 29 ° C.  The sky is more clear, the sun shines for several hours and high temperatures allow you to take advantage of the beaches near the Center.
  • The hottest months are January, February and March.
  • Rainfalls are practically nil.
  • There are various celebrations which attract tourists looking for fun during Carnival in February.

How is the winter in Lima?

  • Winter includes the months from April to October and the average minimums are 14 º C.
  • The coldest month is August with minimums of 12 º C.
  • The average humidity is 83%.
  • In winter there are less sunny days and cloudiness predominates, which gives a more gray look to the city, but the temperatures remain quite pleasant and allow you to enjoy walks both outdoors and in closed places.
  • The holiday of July 28th and 29th (date of Nationals Days), is a good opportunity to get to know the city with tranquility and participate in traditional shows and parades.

When is the low and high season in Lima?

  • As tourism is intense in any season, the weather does not determine a high or low season in Lima. Transportation and accommodation prices remain fairly uniform throughout the year (except summer resorts), and often offers depend on the special promotions of travel agencies rather than the time of year.
  • However, there are some periods where Lima receives more tourists. In July it is the summer holidays in Europe and the United States and the school holidays in South America so that at this time the prices are usually higher and it is advisable to reserve air tickets and accommodation with as much anticipation as possible.


When is the best time to travel to Lima?

  • To visit Lima the best time is between the months of October and April that are the sunniest months, with pleasant temperatures and with clearer days, that allow to enjoy the best way, the beaches and green areas of the city.

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