The Dakota Steakhouse & Bar, located in Hotel Dazzler, is a North American-style grill known for its excellent fourteen-ounce-plus baby back ribs and classic cocktails, from margaritas to gin and tonics. It is a favorite of guests at the hotel and others who want to try the house specialties.

First Steak House in Uruguay: The Dakota Steakhouse & Bar

Dakota is the first American Steakhouse & Bar Restaurant in Montevideo, the perfect place to share a delicious meal, celebrate and enjoy a wide range of dishes, or simply enjoy a good cocktail.

The gastronomic offer includes quesadillas, chicken wings until the famous “BBQ Ribs” (a rib of pork 400 g bread with BBQ sauce), various cuts of meat, homemade burgers, pasta, fish, among others. We recommend the roast with 8 hs. cooking accompanied by pumpkin cubes and for drink the Mint and Ginger lemonade, perfectly balanced.

With a modern atmosphere, good music it is ideal to relax with a cocktail. The drink list includes six author´s drink and more than 100 drinks among whiskies, aperitifs, daiquiris and sparkling wines.  With parking covered also it is ideal for rainy days.


It also stands by its staff. Undoubtedly, it is one of those places in Montevideo that invite you to always return.

Useful Information about The Dakota Steak House


  • 21 de Setiembre & Luis de la Torre. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Opening Hours

  • Saturday to Sunday: 12:30 hs. at 15:30 hrs.-19:00 hrs. at 2:00.
  • Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 hs. at 15:30 hrs.-19:00 hrs. at 2:00.


  • 2716 1510.


  • To make a reservation click here.


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