We want to share with you information about an alternative hotel that is trend in big cities: Day Use: benefits of staying during the day.

The concept of Day Use is basically use a hotel room during the day. It allows guests to use all the services of the hotel without spending the night there. This system began to be widely used in the hotels close to airports, where passengers in transit were looking for a place to rest, change clothes or have meetings during a stopover. For years it works very well in the United States and Europe but it has come to big cities of Latin America such as Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

In these cases the host access the comforts of the hotel with the possibility of having a room or do without it for a few hours. Staying in the hotel benefit from all the services that they offer, a place to rest, bath, swimming pools, gym, sauna, etc.

The majority of customers who use such services are usually executives for business and travellers in transit. Many executives who work in the financial center of the cities reserved a room for half a day for a nap and a good shower after a working meeting.

Benefits of Day Use

  • A place to celebrate on the balcony of a deluxe room
  • A room to spend a few romantic hours in couple
  • Relax and take a day of Spa
  • Having a fully equipped office to work in peace for a few hours
  • Change of environment and have more dynamic meetings
  • A place to sleep after a working meeting
  • Between two flights relax in total comfort
  • Decoration for interviews and photo sessions
  • In addition to the room, enjoy a luxurious pool

The offer of this type of accommodation is usually concentrate on hotels of four and five stars in hours from 8:00-12:00 (check-in) income and up to 21 hours to check out. Depending on the hotel and the seasons discounts may vary between 25% and 40% of the cost of the room.

In addition you can book online without having a credit card because it is paying at the hotel when you arrive. You are always advised to consult terms and conditions before booking. Currently in Dazzler hotels there is a promotion of Day Use 25% OFF on the best web rate (valid for all Dazzler hotels in Argentina). You can call (54 11) 5217-5799 or send an email to book.