You can savor several wonderful gastronomic options during your stay in this province of Buenos Aires. This post shares information about where to eat in Campana. We recommend 5 pleasant places where you can enjoy lunch, tea time or dinner.

Where to eat in Campana

1) Italpast

This restaurant – which draws people from all over – opened in 1995 as a pasta place. Today it is, according to experts, one of the best Italian food restaurants in the country. It offers a wide range of Italian cuisine, with gastronomic influences both from other Mediterranean regions and Argentina itself.

The tortelloni burro e oro (made of ricotta, parmesan cheese and nutmeg with pomodoro sauce and butter) are one of its many specialties. Besides, it houses a great wine cellar. No wonder many porteños (people from Buenos Aires) come from the capital especially to eat here.

  • Address: J. de Dellepiane 1050, 2804 Campana, Buenos Aires
  • Open: Tuesdays to Saturdays: 11am-2:30pm and 8-11pm; Sundays: 11am- 3pm.
  • Tel: 03489 42-5275
  • Web:

2) The Hotel Dazzler Campana Restaurant

The Hotel Dazzler Campana restaurant is an excellent choice at any time of the day. It serves many options of sandwiches and pastry, and a very convenient executive lunch from Monday to Friday (main course + dessert + drink).

  • Address: Ruta Panamericana Km 66,5
  • The restaurant is open:
  • Lunch: Saturdays and Sundays noon-3pm
  • Dinner: Daily 8-11.30pm
  • Room Service:
  • Coffee and drinks: Daily round the clock
  • Meals: Daily  6.30pm-11pm
  • Tel: (54 11) 3220 4490/9
  • Website:

Ingeniero Maschwitz

About 15 minutes from Campana is Ingeniero Maschwitz, one of the busiest districts of the area with many gated communities that have spread pretty much in the last few years. Along with this vigorous demographic growth, new options of restaurants have appeared. Indeed today there are two commercial-gastronomic malls there.

3) Mercado de Maschwitz

The market was entirely built with recycled material. Here you can find restaurants to suit all tastes. There is sushi at Yoko’s, pizza at Dream Catcher, Italian food at Club Sportivo (with a nice decoration inspired by the passion for soccer), meat a la parrilla at Ley Primera, vegetarian dishes at La Anita. There is also a wine bar that serves cheese and cold cuts platters (tasting). And for dessert, you must have the El Zeppelin hand-made ice-cream.

  • Address: Mendoza 1731, B1623CSG Ingeniero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires
  • Open: Tuesdays – Fridays: 11am-19pm | Saturdays 10am-8pm | Sundays 1am-8pm
  • Tel: 0348 444-5460
  • Web:

4) Paseo Mendoza

Paseo Mendoza has an informal bohemian atmosphere, with lots of live open air gigs. There you can find restaurants such as El Chiringuito, inspired by Spanish bars. Its forte is tapas, drinks and craft beer. Ramona is a small bistro with hand-made food; Matryoshkaté, a tea house with first class pastry; and Trébola, for all tastes, from pizza to simple meals.

5) Los Cardales

Another nearby spot (about 5 minutes away) that has grown a lot is Los Cardales. It also offers good options for eating, especially Chizza, a reference in haute cuisine and variety of wine (it has a cellar with over 300 labels). Here you can taste unforgettable gourmet dishes with a Mediterranean touch. Just like with Italpast, porteños are willing to travel 43 miles to eat at Chiza. It opens Tuesdays through Sundays and reservations are advisable.

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