Puerto Madryn offers landscapes and aquatic activities such as whale watching and snorkelling with sea lions. But also has another side: a magnificent gastronomic destination.  In this post we share five options so you can know where to eat in Puerto Madryn.

Where to eat in Puerto Madryn

1) Cantina El Náutico

In 2013 it was 50 years old and it is one of the classics of Puerto Madryn and the classics don’t often fail. They have a very extensive menu of seafood (the specialty of the site) but also meat. Good quality of food, abundant and fast and correct service. It has a good location, family atmosphere and it is run by the owners. We recommend the paella Valenciana.

2) El Almendro

It opened its doors in the city on August 21, 2008 in an old house. The place was recycled conserving the floors and openings of yesteryear offering a warm, family atmosphere to make their visitors feel at home. The house has a sentimental value since it belonged to a personal friend of the chef whose father planted at the entrance the local tree that gives its name to the restaurant. There you can enjoy exquisite Mediterranean and traditional cuisine, including vegetarian dishes. The almond tree is much more than a good restaurant. It is the opportunity to taste a wine or savour a meal Mediterranean, accompanied by good music. Its rustic style, warm and dim lights create a refined and avant-garde space.
  • Address: Calle Pte M T de Alvear 409.

3) Bar Náutico Bistró de Mar

It is an ideal choice for lunch or dinner by the sea. This bar on the beach offers seafood, fish, variety of salads and desserts, at good prices. The food is fresh and tasty. If you go with small children, outside they have a playground on the sand very cute. At night it is advisable to book in advance.

  • Address: Boulevard Alte G Brown 860.

4) Plácido

This restaurant brings together the most outstanding cuisine in the city of Puerto Madryn. Great clarity, good service and atmosphere. The space is modern and innovative that they give the environment much presence and warmth. A spectacular view of the sea makes Placido a unique place in the city. The winery, located in the central area, is home to more than 500 bottles of Argentine wineries and it is one of the characteristics that distinguish the restaurant.

5) En los Fuegos de mi casa

Gastronomy with Patagonian identity. It is the home of the chef Gustavo Rapretti, which runs what is known as a closed restaurant. A form that is growing, and where the reservation is essential, because cooking depending on who and how many people will come. For this reason, dont forget to call (0280) 447 6376.