If you travel to Buenos Aires, you should not leave town without trying the new jewel of Buenos Aires cuisine: gourmet burgers. As it happens in cities such as New York, here you can find different options to enjoy Buenos Aires best burgers in an ideal combo, quality food and a different plan.

The District of Palermo concentrates the largest number of bars and clubs to taste the best versions of the traditional sandwich of U.S. origin. Therefore, in this article we recommend the best 5 alternatives, ideal for those who stay and visit the Dazzler Hotel in Palermo.

Where to eat the best burgers of Buenos Aires

1) Burger Joint, 4  effective options

This local, with an informal aesthetic, offers four varieties: the classical, the Jamaican, the Mexican and the Bleu. The favorite, the more ordered by people, is the Blue that comes with rocket, mushrooms, tomato and caramelized onion and its French touch, blue cheese. Without a doubt, is one of the best burgers in Buenos Aires. The Mexican, meanwhile, is for the spicy lovers. All the alternatives come with French fries. And to enjoy a little more, we recommend to ask for the beer.

Address: Borges 1766, Palermo.

Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday, from 12 pm.

2) Heisenburger Burger Lab, with Breaking Bad air

Its name already indicates the origin of their inspiration, the popular serie Breaking Bad. In this unique shop we can play to be scientific and assemble our own hamburger.

Also we can try something different, such as the Salmon Burger, which comes with breaded salmon and avocado in an original black bread or the Creole version called Chorizo burger. An of them more chosen is the Hangover, that comes with BBQ ribs, coleslaw, ketchup, cheddar smoked, bacon, rings of onion and a delicious mayonnaise.

A detail to highlight are different condiments to accompany the Burger like Tzatziki (yogurt with cucumber) sauce, mayonnaise of plum or port wine onions.

Address: Gorriti 5054, Palermo.

Opening Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 pm

3) On tap, with craft beer

The great fort of this place is the craft beer (we must take advantage of the happy-hour!), by which falls into the category of “hamburcervecerias”. In other words, a good beer with a good burger. This bar offers 20 varieties of beer, cider and burgers of beef, chicken and options for vegetarians. One of the most ordered hamburgers is gluttony avocado, with double meat, avocado, onion and cheese you more French fries.

Address: Costa Rica 5527, Palermo Hollywood

Opening Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 pm.

4) Dean & Dennys, pet friendly

This fast-food gourmet, decorated with recycled materials, offers 3 alternative fixed burgers of beef, plus a vegetarian/vegan option and the possibility to assemble a choice according to your tastes. This place has two strong points: you can ask your double Burger and offers food for pets (can only be on the sidewalk outside the local tables). We recommend the Dean bacon, which comes with bacon well crispy, cheddar cheese, onion BBQ and salsa Dennys and the Mush Burger with mushrooms stuffed with cheese.

A supportive data: They donate 10% of sales of products for animal aid organizations and 5% of the monthly sales to charity organizations.

Address: Malabia 1591, Palermo

Opening Hours: From Monday to Sunday from 08 am.

5) Diggs, to enjoy the terrace

They offer four varieties: Classic, full-full, gringa and French and an alternative vegetarian-based smoked eggplant, Sun-dried tomatoes and basil. The condiments are homemade and are elaborated based on mustard to the curry and pepinitos in vinegar. If you’re wanting to eat sausages, you can also find 6 options with sausages of own elaboration, to taste a different hot-dog. On weekends you can enjoy the sunset on the terrace (with privileged view to the popular plaza Serrano) and good music with a DJ set.

Address: Serrano 1580, Palermo Soho

Opening Hours: From Monday to Sunday, from 11 am.

Now that you have all the references, which one of all the best burgers of Buenos Aires are you going to taste?

Dónde comer las mejores hamburguesas de Buenos Aires