In Buenos Aires there are more “pizzerías” than grills. With the first Italian immigrants the pizza arrived in town and today it has become an imprint of Buenos Aires and one of the must-do it of the Argentines. There are “pizzerías” for all tastes: traditional and modern places. “Los Inmortales” is one of the classic pizzerias located in Buenos Aires. It has become in one of the required places of Buenos Aires for any tourist.

Los Inmortales

This pizzeria located on Corrientes Avenue and three blocks from the Obelisk is one of the most traditional pizzerias in Buenos Aires and it is among the top 5 pizza restaurants in the city. It has its origins in Italy, more precisely in Castronovo, a town near Naples (where the first pizza was created).

Los Inmortales

Entering the place is like visiting a small museum. In its interior there is smell of tango and its walls are covered with photos of great artistic and sports figures of the Argentina. Formerly known as “Copetín de Corrientes”, the pizzeria was opened in 1952 by Felipe Fiorellino and Francisco “Chiche” Di Ciancia. A picture of Carlos Gardel dominates the place. It was painted by Carlos Leonetti in 1955 and it has identified “Los Inmortales” from those years to the present.

Los Inmortales

With more than 40 varieties of pizza it was one of the first pizzerías to specialize in stone-baked pizza. It won its fame for its thin and crispy pizza. Its menu also offers “empanadas”, “minutas” and pasta.

It is a classic that does not change. It preserves the quality of the food and the good service for years. Their waiters have a great career. As its name implies, “Los Inmortales” marked the memory of a distant time but it is still alive nowadays.

Los Inmortales


  • Do not waste time eating other food than pizza.
  • It is ideal to combine with a previous plan and attending a show in Corrientes St .

Useful Information 


  • Corrientes Av. 1369.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: From 12 to 01 hs.
  • Friday: From 12 to 03 hs.
  • Saturday: From 12 to 03 hs.


  • (011) 4373-5303.


  • Cash.
  • Cards: American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Cabal, Diners Club.

Other branches


  • Lavalle 746 – CABA.
  • Reservations: (011) 4322-5493.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday from 09 to 01 pm. Friday from 09 to 02 pm. Saturday from 09 am to 03 pm.


  • Paraná 1209 – CABA.
  • Reservations: (011) 4811-2222.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 09 to 01 pm. Friday from 09 to 02 pm. Saturday from 09 am to 03 pm.


  • Mendoza 2338 – CABA.
  • Reservations: (011) 4785-7770.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 01 pm. Friday from 10 am to 03 pm. Saturdays from 10 am to 03 pm.


  • Paseo de la Bahía, Bahía Grande – Nordelta.
  • Reservations: (011) 4871-8547/8548.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 12 to 16 hs and from 19 to 00 hs. Friday and Saturday from 12 to 16 hs and from 19 to 01 hs.