Montevideo is a destination that offers several attractive places and interesting activities to do in Uruguay. In previously posts we inform you, for example, where to go shopping and places to dance tango in Montevideo. And if you have short time in the city we recommend to take advantage of the tourist bus to visit the main tourist attractions on a weekend break. But do not forget that Montevideo is a city surrounded by the shores of the Río de la Plata. Today we want to share you all the information to take advantage of the beaches of Montevideo. 

When visiting Montevideo you might be able to find several different beaches during a walk at the rambla. The waters of the Río de La Plata are very calm, ideal for family vacations.

In the summer, while enjoying the sun and the sea, shows are carried out on the beaches and classes of physical activities for all ages are offered. Concerts on the beach are very popular. Also all the beaches of Montevideo have service of lifeguard and posts of first aid and care medical of emergency for the security of the tourist and locals.

Montevideo and its Beaches

Playa Pocitos

It is the most popular beach of Montevideo from almost one hundred years. It is located in the District of the same name, very close to the centre of the city. This beach is surrounded by high buildings and a very active urban area. It also offers several pubs and restaurants at night, being one of the safest areas to learn about the nightlife of Montevideo.

It is a beach suitable for visiting throughout the year. In summer it is ideal for sports such as volleyball, football and water sports activities and there are concerts outdoors. In winter the rambla is ideal for cyclists and skaters. In autumn and spring you’ll see Uruguayans drinking mate or walking at the rambla.

Playas de MontevideoFoto: Jimmy Baikovicius

Playa Ramirez

It is the first beach located towards the east from the port of Montevideo. It covers an area of 1 km and on summer offers many recreational activities such as handball, soccer and aerobics. Each February 2, the beach becomes the main stage of the celebration of Iemanjá, the Afro-Brazilian divinity. Playa Ramírez also boasts a large environment that gives its own identity. Parque Rodó, the main park with its roller coaster, Casino Hotel  and colourful graffitis are part of the atmosphere of the place.

Playas de Montevideo
Foto: Jimmy Baikovicius

Playa Malvín

Its located in a beautiful suburb of Montevideo, passing the Buceo beach. It is one of the longest and most extensive beaches allowing more space between the people who visit it. It is ideal for sunbathing and playing sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. There are downs to the beach with accessibility for wheelchairs. It is even the only beach that Montevideo Government performed  free recreational activities for people with disabilities and that has amphibious chairs for baths in the sea. Its waters are calm. It also has a nice view to the Isla de las Gaviotas, a rock formation that is converted into ecological reserve of fauna and marine flora. In the surroundings of the Malvín beach there are different gastronomic proposals and shops to enjoy.

Playas de Montevideo
Foto: Leo Alvarez

Playa del Buceo

It’s a good quiet beach located in the neighborhood of Buceo, to the East of Montevideo. It is one of the best places to watch the sunset in the city. The beach although it is not suitable for bathing is wide and has calm waters, ideal for the practice of water sports such as sailing and fishing. In the surroundings of the rambla there are fish shops close to the port where you can buy the best fresh fish from Montevideo or have the option to try delicious dishes in small stands outdoors.

Playa Carrasco

It is located in the residential neighborhood of Carrasco, one of the more prestigious areas of Montevideo where is concentrated restaurants, bars, shoppings and elegant mansions lined. The beach has an area of 4 km with waters of little waves ideal for walks with the children. Its a place dominated by the tranquility and relax

Playas de Montevideo
Foto: Jimmy Baikovicius


January and February are the best months to enjoy the beaches of Montevideo.