The Port Market in Montevideo’s Old City shows us the Uruguayan culture through the palate. Facing the Marina, the market opened in 1868 and all the noons unfolds a feast of flavours: the famous Uruguayan chivito, roast, chicken, matambres, chotos (twisted tripes), etc. According to the time we can eat standing on the bar, or sit in comfortable chairs.

The Port Market in Montevideo’s Old City

The project arose at the initiative of the Spanish merchant Pedro Sáenz de Zumarán, who rode a private company with the goal of creating the largest market in South America. Its construction, of English origin, was held in the workshops had the Union Foundry in Liverpool. In the old market, attached to the port, it was sold or bought all merchantable material.

If at that time it was a nerve centre, today is still it for other reasons. Currently on the market in Montevideo Harbor you can find a varied cuisine, which emphasizes the classic “Roldós” installed since 1886. People gather to celebrate with the classic “half and half” and enjoying the famous seafood sandwiches. Also gather several premises that provide exquisite red and white meats, pastas and other typical dishes of the region.

The market is also a concentration space for artisans and popular musicians. Thousands of tourists walk it daily looking from antiques and souvenirs to customs clothes and leather goods, although the grills are the great attraction that the place has.

Under its metallic structure are mixed smells and different colors, while artisans, musicians and painters interact with people who come to eat, buy or simply browse. On Saturday, coinciding with the promoted Cultural tour of the Old City, is a day animated by musicians, singers and cartoonists.

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