The relaxed atmosphere and the short distance make Colonia (Uruguay) an ideal destination for weekend getaways for Argentines, or for those who take advantage of holidays in the country. In this post we want to share you information about how to spend a weekend in Colonia

How to spend a weekend in Colonia

First day: Saturday

1- Visit “Puerta de la Ciudadela”

This is the best start of the circuit of cultural tours offered by the city and the gateway to the past of the town. It is an excellent example of building preservation. It takes a few minutes to visit it. We recommend using comfortable footwear and visit it both day and night.

2- Walk through “Calle de los Suspiros”

It is a very picturesque place to take pictures and for many the most beautiful street of Colonia. It was previously called Ansina and Montevideo Chico Street. Today it is called “Calle de los Suspiros” but never lost its essence. It retains its old colonial appearance nearly intact. Located very close to the Plaza Mayor on May 25, walk the path to nearly the river. It is a narrow street paved with stones and along it are located the typical popular mansions from the 18th century with wooden ceiling covered in tiles, adobe walls, lampposts and multiple colors.

3- Climb to the Lighthouse

One of the most charming places of Colonia is the lighthouse from the 19th century. It is very difficult to ignore it since it makes visible from the pier.  It is located in the small square of May 25 in the historical centre of the city. It is ideal to climb to appreciate the historic district from another point of view where you can see a wonderful view of Colonia.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 1 pm until sunset. Weekends from 11 until sunset.

4- Admire the sunset at the old pier

The port is the ideal place to watch the sunset next to the dozens of boats arriving from Argentina.

5- Enjoy a dinner

Either a typical food or gourmet there are places for all tastes. In Dazzler Colonia you can enjoy the specialties of the menu at the restaurant Carpe Diem. 

Second Day: Sunday

1-Walk along the waterfront

The city has an extensive and beautiful waterfront by which you can walk, run or just sit to drink mate and enjoy the charms of the landscape.

2- Visit the Real de San Carlos

This place is popularly known as the “Plaza de Toros” and today it is one of the symbols of the city of Colonia del Sacramento. It is a huge Stadium opened in 1910 for the bullfights that was closed in 1912 by the official ban on these activities.  You can still see its architecture and its value in the history of the city.  It is located in the Barrio Real de San Carlos, a residential neighborhood away from the downtown of Colonia, about 5 kms. You can enjoy the path going along the waterfront and renting a bike.

3. Go to the beach

If it is a sunny day we recommend to spend a good time of your stay to enjoy the charms of the coast, because the city is not only about history. It also has nature and opportunity to swim or sunbathe.

These are some of the activities to know how to spend a weekend in Colonia. You can also read the related posts: How to go to Colonia from Buenos Aires and Gateway to Colonia, a standing invitation.[