Located on the North Bank of the Río de La Plata it is true that Colonia is a small town. However, it has several tourist attractions and historic buildings to visit in a weekend getaway to Uruguay. Tourists love Colonia by its so well-preserved architectural. Because of its particular architecture it was declared a World Heritage Site. Today we share you the Top 5 Things to Do in Colonia.

The Top 5 Things to Do in Colonia

1.  Visit the “Puerta de la Ciudadela”  and the Old Town

This is the best start of the cultural circuit offered by the city and the gateway to the past of the town. It is an excellent example of preservation building and quality in each an of the constructions. Takes a few minutes to visit it. We recommend using comfortable footwear.

2. Walk through “Calle de los Suspiros”

It is for many the most beautiful street in the place. It was previously called street Ansina and Montevideo Chico. Today is called “Calle de los Suspiros” but never lost its essence. It retains its old colonial appearance intact. Located very near the Plaza Mayor 25 de May, runs along the road until almost the river. It is a narrow street paved with stones and along there are the typical popular houses of the century 18th with ceiling of wood, adobe, streetlights and multiple colors. It is a place very quaint to take pictures.

3. Admire the sunset at the port

The port is the ideal place to admire the sunset arriving from Argentina. You can observe here the Bay of Colonia and its beaches of calm waters that allow practice a great variety of water sports.

4. Visit the Real de San Carlos

This place is popularly known as the Plaza de Toros and today it is one of the symbols of the city. It is a huge Stadium opened in 1910 for the bullfights that was closed in 1912 by the official ban on these activities. You can still see its architecture and its value in the history of the city. It is located in the Barrio Real de San Carlos, a residential neighborhood away from the Centre, about 5 kms. You can enjoy of the road going by the rambla and renting a bike.

5.   Climb to the lighthouse

One of the most charming places of Colonia is the lighthouse from the 19th century. It is very difficult to ignore since it makes visible from the pier. It is located in the small square of 25 of Mayo in the historic center of the city. You can observe a wonderful panoramic view of Colonia and the Rio de La Plata river.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 1 pm until sunset and weekends from 11 am until sunset.