Sometimes businessmen travel more often than usual in a month or even a week. To keep an exercise plan while they are out of town for reasons of business or pleasure can help them to stay motivated and to download the stress. There are many hotels that have gyms with stationary bikes, weight machines or dumbbells to do stretching or exercise so they have no excuses. Ask the hotel staff about the location of the gym and operating times. Today we recommend you some workout routines for Hotel gyms to be able to exercise even if you are traveling.

Workouts for Hotel Gyms

In first place if you are in a hotel its means that you are traveling. So the best thing to do is to schedule short sessions that don’t steal too many time. With half an hour to perform exercises will be enough to maintain physical fitness. Try to do exercises that work the majority of the muscular groups.

Rutinas de entrenamiento para hacer en los gimnasios de los hoteles

To start, make a good warm-up. You can perform aerobic exercises to increase the heart rate. Many gyms in hotels often have a treadmill or a bike fixed. Between 15 and 20 minutes is enough to perform a good warm-up before the workout and burn more calories.

Look at what you can do with the objects that exist in the gym and make use of them. In most of the gyms for hotels you can find some type of dead weight, such as dumbbells or bars with disks. Dumbbells allow you to work all the muscles of the body.

The efficiently perform to do a good workout during the trip is through a circuit. It is advisable to perform each exercise for 30 seconds and try to minimize the time of rest between exercises. The goal is to make 3 times the full circuit. A possible circuit can be:

  • Push-ups: To work the biceps and triceps, you can perform push-ups. This exercise can be done sitting, standing and lying down, thus the greatest possible number of muscles working. Perform 30 seconds.
  • Squats: With disks perform the greatest number of squats that are possible for 30 seconds. The squats allow you to work the quadriceps and buttocks.
  • Shoulders: With the dead weight of which you have either a bar or dumbbells, raise the weight above your head with yours arms raised to the height of the shoulders and the elbows upward at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Another option if hotels have swimming pool is to exercise the body through swimming. Using the water resistance you can burn calories and work many muscles.

After the workout remember to do a good stretch to relax muscles and stabilize the heart rhythm.