The tango is a dance and cultural heritage shared by Argentina and Uruguay. On your visit to the Uruguayan capital we recommend to discover the tango and milongas in Montevideo to know more about the culture of the place.

The Tango and Milongas in Montevideo are generally friendlier and less intimidating than in Buenos Aires. They are mainly frequented by a small group of local people. So when they see a new face, people will come to find out what are you doing there and make you dance amicably. It is quite different from the competitive atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

Tango y Milongas en Montevideo

We share you some tips about Tango and Milongas in Montevideo:

  • You can find milongas at any night of the week in Montevideo.
  • The most crowded nights are Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Mondays are the quietest days of the week.
  • On Wednesday of October, you can dance at the outdoor Milonga at Plaza Liber Seregni a few blocks from the Tres Cruces Bus Station. As the premise that any person can and should be capable of dancing tango, this milonga is completely voluntary and includes a free class at 8 pm.
  • Tickets to milongas are generally charged at the gate and are accessible prices, approximately usd 6. If you take a class before you do not have to pay to attend the milonga.
  • The calendar of milongas in Montevideo can be changed at any time. The most up-to-date information appear in the pages of Facebook of Tango and Milongas in Montevideo. This is very common with cultural events in Montevideo. We recommend the Tango Uruguay group.
  • DJ Veronica Bares Web Site is one of the most up-to-date pages.
  • Some recommended milongas:
  • Che Madame
    • Address: Rodo 2380 esq. Bulevar Artigas.
    • Informations and reservations: 095.451.335- 099.881.432- 2409.31.09
    • Days: Thursday.

  • JovenTango
    • On Sunday night they offer a café-concert with exhibition of tango and live music. Then the milonga starts at 8 pm, an unusually early schedule for the entertainment of Montevideo. It has a small canteen with all type of drinks.
    • Address: Aquiles Lanza 1290 esq. San Jose. Mercado de la Abundancia.
    • Informations and reservations:  Tel. 29015561 o 29086816 .
    • Mail:
    • Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. After 9.30 pm.
    • Web:
  • Rómpe y raja