If you are walking through the capital of Paraguay with your girlfriend and want to surprise her with a good plate of food today I share this post with useful information: the best romantic restaurants in Asunción.

The best romantic restaurants in Asunción

1) Piegari

The restaurant Piegari reopened on June 17 on the ground floor of the Wyndham Grand, located in Av. Aviadores del Chaco 2822 corner Molas López. It is located in one of the most important and impressive in the center of the city, corporate heart of the capital of Paraguay. It is close to all the fun, surrounded by art galleries and world-class cuisine.

Restaurant Piegari in Asunción is an Italian restaurant that has the better matter prima, service, quality and infrastructure, all at the best possible price. It is ideal for dinner as a couple and to celebrate anniversaries!

2) La Cabrera

In La Cabrera, you’ll find classic and innovative dishes. Colors and flavors combine with art in a distinguished atmosphere to enjoy the evenings. We recommend to book in advance since the place is not very big. Highlights the quality of their meats and the variety of salads and fittings.  With an exquisite dessert menu make this place one advisable choice!

3) Tierra Colorada Gastro

This restaurant is perfect to taste the typical food of Paraguay with a gourmet touch. Warm atmosphere and the finest Paraguayan cuisine with genius and original touch of chef. The gastronomy consists of Paraguayan fresh, modern, new, almost avant-garde cuisine using cassava in various textures and flavors accompanying it, the best meat and fish. Keep in mind that is needed Yes or Yes a prior reservation.

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