If you are visiting Buenos Aires and want to get around the city by subway, train or bus you must have the SUBE card (Unique Electronic Ticket System). First only the buses limited the payment form, and starting today subway is added. The truth is that tourists who want to travel on public transport in Buenos Aires can do it only if they buy the SUBE card.

This card implemented by the Ministry of the Interior and Transport some years ago works as a debit card, which you must charge in advance and then will be deducted with each transaction in different uses.

If you are on holidays or for work in the city and you need to move in an economical way, we give you accurate information so you can make the procedure.

Where can I buy the SUBE card?

Currently there are two options:

Obtaining Centers

  • There is a map in which you can consult where the centers to obtain the card are, both in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires province, as in other 12 provinces of Argentina.


  • On the map we can see located every center where you can buy the card and also search by address and city.
  • Click here to check the obtaining centers, there are 4,000 shops.
  • The cost of the card is $25.
  • Foreigners can withdraw the SUBE card in any enabled obtaining centre, after completing the form and presenting a passport or foreign document recognized by the Republic of Argentina.

Obtaining by mail

  • Another option is to buy the card online and receive it at your home within the next 10 days. For this you will have to complete your data (name, surname, identity card, sex and address for shipping) in the form below.
  • The cost of the card is $25 and the cost of sending is $25 being the total cost $50 (all prices include IVA). Methods of payment are the followings and it is delivered by Correo Argentino.


How do I load the SUBE card?

  • Once you have your card you can load it into any of the 6,500 points of loading.
  • Click here to consult on the map the nearest shop you have by adding direction and city. Please note that many venues charge $1 or $2 of additional service.
  • SUBEYou can also load it through all means integrated to the Network Red Link: ATMs for banks adhered throughout the country (currently associated banks are: Banco de la Nación Argentina, Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Banco Credicoop), Home Banking and cell phones that have the Link mobile phone application. You can load amounts of $50, $100, $120, $150, $180, $200 (remember that the amount to credit added to your current balance on your card should not exceed $600). The service has no additional cost.
  • The Automatic Upload Terminals (TAS) allow you to save time, and get to know your balance instantly. They are available 24 hours and are located in different parts of the country. You can find the nearest shop using the search engine.
  • Tip: Keep the ticket for any claims.

How does the SUBE card works?

At buses

  • Once inside the bus indicate the driver the destination and hold the card onto the machine for a second approximately. You will hear a beep and see a green light indicating that it was already debited from your card the cost of the ticket.
  • The system is enabled on all national, provincial and municipal lines in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. To see all the lines in detail click here.

At subways

  • In the subway go to the turnstiles marked of SUBE and hold the card onto the recordable during a second approximately. You will hear a beep and see a green light indicating that it has already debited from your card the cost of the ticket.
  • You can use the SUBE card on lines A, B, C, D, E, H and Premetro.

At trains

  • In trains you must pass your card twice in the enabled stations, both at the station of origin and of destination.
  • At the station of origin, you will have to hold your card in the viewfinder of the recordable for one second approximately. You will hear a beep and see a green light indicating that the maximum rate has debited from your card.
  • Then, at the station of destination, you will have to repeat the operation approaching the recordable card. In this way, when the accomplished travel cost is less than the maximum rate, the difference will be credited to your advantage.
  • The SUBE card can be used to pay the following railway lines:
    • Belgrano Norte
    • Belgrano Sur
    • Mitre
    • San Martín
    • Sarmiento
    • Urquiza
    • General Roca

At tolls