Everything to do in the nightlife in Colonia del Sacramento.

Nightlife in Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is not a big city in terms of size and population so the places to haunt during the night are small and cosy but there are options for all tastes and ages. We share you some options:

1) Nightlife in Colonia del Sacramento: Dinners & Shows

The most important restaurants are located in the historical district of the city, declared a Historical Patrimony by the UNESCO in 1995 and in the downtown. There, besides offering an exquisite Uruguayan gastronomy, they usually offer shows with live music and give a special touch to the night. In general these shows usually start between 21:30 and 22 hs, ideal time to go out to eat in Colonia del Sacramento.

TIP: If you go in high season it is recommended to consult previously and book a table. During the summer, Easter and carnival, Colonia receives thousands of tourists and the restaurants are filled.

2) Nightlife in Colonia del Sacramento: Discos & Bars

With the arrival of the early morning bars and nightclubs begin to open their doors. For those who want to sit and enjoy the music and drink something is recommended the bars located in the center and the historic District. The younger ones start the night drinking something in the pubs and then move to the nightclubs. Most of these charge an entry that does not exceed ten dollars and usually includes a drink or glass of beer.

3) Nightlife in Colonia del Sacramento:  Night Walks

If you are a tourist who prefer tranquility, another option to enjoy the nightlife of Colonia del Sacramento is to go for a walk through its streets cobbled under the moonlight. One of the obligatory visits is ¨Calle de los Suspiros” that with its lighted streetlights contrasts with the landscape that is observed by day. You can also walk through the field gate and the Plaza de Armas Manuel Lobos.

Another of the most visited tours during the night in Colonia is the coastal area with the Rambla and the pier. In the clear nights it is possible to observe the silhouettes of the buildings of Buenos Aires, city that is located opposite Colonia separated by the “Río de La Plata”. From the pier you can see all the yachts and sailboats tied on the bank of the river.

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