In this post we tell you about the Recoleta Cultural Center, one of the most interesting points of the city which is located in the Recoleta district.

Visiting the Recoleta Cultural Center

Built in 1732, this building was originally the convent of the Recoleto monks – from whom the Recoleta neighbourhood took its name. It later served as a hospital, military barracks, refuge for the homeless and an elderly people’s home. It was finally transformed into a cultural center at the end of the 1970s, with renowned architect Clorindo Testa overseeing the refurbishment, mixing Italianate and modernist influences with the original colonial design.

The centers 27 exhibition room, micro-cinema, auditorium and amphitheater are used to stage varied activities, from art exhibitions to concerts, theater performances and other events.

Recoleta Cultural Center mixed showrooms with outdoor corridors that make travel enjoyable and fluid, with samples of art which renew periodically. Also communicates with Buenos Aires Design, a shopping center specialized in design, decor and art shops and has a significant range of nationally and internationally renowned restaurants, including the Hard Rock Cafe.

Useful information about Recoleta Cultural Center