Ancient churches, cobblestone streets and centuries-old houses are part of the scene observed through the neighborhood of San Telmo, the oldest in the city of Buenos Aires where the first inhabitants settled. Its streets still retain the essence of the ancient city.

Visiting San Telmo in Buenos Aires

San Telmo Antiques Fair 

The protagonist of the neighborhood of San Telmo is the Dorrego Square (Defensa St. & Humberto Primo). Around there are located bars, cafes, restaurants and antique shops. The atmosphere is bohemian. The district is famous for the Antiques Fair that takes place every Sunday.

The San Telmo Fair is a must when touring Buenos Aires. It is the most famous fair of the city and receives 10,000 visitors every Sunday, most of them are foreigners. It is a walk to the art, melancholy and memories. At the fair antique objects are sold such as lamps, postcards of the city, watches, fans, jewelry, bills and coins, music boxes, cameras, siphons, stamps, books and magazines, medals, etc.

The fair is an excellent walk for anyone who wants to learn a little of the history and culture of the city of Buenos Aires. It is worthy getting lost among the stalls and discovering their antiques and why not taking some souvenirs.

Getting lost in time and among the crowd is a temptation.

Historic buildings in the neighborhood of San Telmo

San Telmo is also part of the historical heritage and there are laws that seek to preserve the architecture. Some buildings to visit are the National Historical Museum, the Church of our Lady of Bethlehem, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Danish Church, the Faculty of Engineering, the Museum of Modern art, Pasaje La Defensa, etc.

In addition to all these historical attractions, one of the most recent is the ¨Paseo de la Historieta» that pays homage to the masters of humor and its creations as Mafalda with sculptures on the streets.

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Nights in San Telmo

San Telmo is also characterized by its nights with a special atmosphere among bohemian, tango and rock. There are many night-time proposals: craft breweries, restaurants and bars with live music and milongas and tango houses. To find and enjoy traditional flavors and new culinary trends we recommend reading this post with the Map of flavors of San Telmo.[:]