The 13th edition of th 10K Tenaris Race in Campana will be on Sunday, September 11th. Every year the race gathers thousands of runners from all over the country.

The race is one of most organizing sporting events of Campana oriented to promote healthy living, integration and solidarity. It will be on September 11th at 10 am and the event is not suspended in case of rain.

The limit of runners is 6.000 and the registration is now open. The only requirement is to bring non-perishable food items (noodles, rice, powdered milk) that will be donated to institutions of the area.

The first edition was run in the spring of 2004 and since then the race began to grow. Last year 6,200 people ran and it it grossed more than 6,000 foods donated.


Registration began on 22 August and consists of two steps. First you must complete the pre-registration through the web.

The registration on line will be available until the 4 of September at 12 hours. Anyone wishing to register after that date must go at the offices directly (subject to available places). The pre-registration does not guarantee the book of the fit.

To finish the process the runner must go to the offices with the form printed and a non-perishable food.

The offices are:

  • Luis Costa 1587, Campana (Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm)
  • Monroe 916, Capital Federal (Monday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm).

There they will assign you a number of runner and a voucher to remove the t-shirt of the 10 k Tenaris.


The race offers two modalities: 10 km competitive and 3km recreational. In the 10 kilometres runners will run different points of historical significance to the city. While the other aerobic circuit of 3 km is recreational.

carrera 10K Tenaris en Campana

Tips for health

To all the participants we recommend:

  • Submit it to a review medical prior to the race
  • Not participate if you have suffered an injury or disease recently
  • Ensure a suitable diet prior to the race (rich in carbohydrate and low-fat)
  • Rest the prior day
  • Perform a good warm-up
  • Hydrate well during the race
  • Make a good stretch at the end of the race

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