Would you like that your pet be with you when dining out? The good news is that lately there are many restaurants that have tables with chairs outside and allowed dogs. However, you should teach them good habits to be in public. In this post we share you some tips to make your dog behave in a Petfriendly Restaurant.

Tips to make your dog behave in a Petfriendly Restaurant

Pets are a crucial part in the lives of their owners today. To this trend, the tourism industry has begun to adapt and increasingly there are more Pet Friendly Hotels in Argentina. At the same time, there are increasingly petfriendly restaurants that permit access to dogs.  For this reason, we recommend some basic rules of coexistence so that both you and your pet and everyone else around can enjoy their food without problems.

Tips to make your dog behave in a Petfriendly Restaurant

  • Keep your pet always close for safety reasons.
  • Make sure you pet obey simple rules such as sitting, not to bark and not steal food before going to a restaurant.
  • Bring a leash short to prevent running out or comes close to the other tables out of curiosity. You can attach it to your chair on a short leash, never at the table.
  • Make sure it’s dewormed and clean.
  • Do not let your pet lie in the middle of a hallway and block the passage of other diners or waiters.
  • Never feed your pet directly from your plate.
  • Take a portable water fountain so you will avoid having to ask the waiter for a bowl of water, given the possible annoying glances of some clients. Same with its own food. There are very useful and light plastic bowls. In some petfriendly restaurants there are dog troughs installed.
  • Walk your pet before you sit down to eat to do your needs and walk a good time. When you get to the place it will only want to rest at your side.
  • Don’t take it to restaurants without a terrace or not explicitly pet friendly. It can be uncomfortable for everyone present if no one is accustomed to that situation.
  • Tip the waiter who attended you, and even more when you have made some effort to make you and your pet comfortable and well cared for.
  • Train and tell the word “stay” or “quiet” to learn to stay calm in restaurants.
  • Often take him with you to eat outside to get used to.