September started and this month begin to arrive more warm and sunny days, ideal for outdoors walks, sports or just relax surrounded by nature. Today I want to share the 5 best parks in Buenos Aires.

The 5 Best Parks in Buenos Aires

1) The 5 Best Parks in Buenos Aires: Palermo Woods

In the middle of the big city are located the Palermo Woods. They represent an oasis of lakes, and gardens in Buenos Aires.

It is one of the most important green lungs in the city with more than 80 hectares and a site with many tourist attractions. The Planetarium, El Rosedal (with a collection of more than 18,000 Roses), the Hipódromo Argentino and the Museum Sivori, MALBA and José Hernández stand out. The official name is February 3 and to know all that encompasses you are going to need to spend a whole day!

It is common that locals and tourists practice rowing in its lakes, riding bicycle, rollers or skate, or simply walk and run by its tracks. It is excellent to have a picnic, do exercise, or simply spend the day together with nature that dominates a great tranquility.

mejores parques de Buenos Aires

2) The 5 Best Parks in Buenos Aires: Japanese Garden

Surrounded by Palermo Woods, it is the largest Japanese-style garden outside the Nippon Country. It has all the elements typical of its millenary culture: Bonsai, azaleas, kokedamas, orchids and cement lanterns. In the park there is also a building that houses a cultural center, a restaurant of Japanese cuisine and tea house, a nursery where you can buy plants and food for the fish of the lake and a shop with Japanese handicrafts.

Take a walk between its vegetation and its oriental decoration is a small pleasure that one can find in Buenos Aires.

3) The 5 Best Parks in Buenos Aires: Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

With its 350 hectares, the reserve is the largest green space in the city. It is ideal to go jogging, bike riding, or just bring something to eat and spend the day with your family or enjoy the solitude and reading oa good book under the shade of a tree. Along its numerous trails you can see different species of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and autochthonous vegetation. Ideal to go in spring and to enjoy nature at the edge of the River Plate.

The entrance is free of charge and is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 to 18 hs. (Summer Time up to 19 pm) Mondays closed, except Mondays holidays.

mejores parques de Buenos Aires

4) The 5 Best Parks in Buenos Aires: Botanic Garden

The botanical garden occupies an area of more than 7 hectares and houses 6,000 plant species with a huge variety of native, exotic and multi-part world trees. It also has a botanical library, three French, Roman and Oriental style gardens, a herbarium, five greenhouses, a large collection of sculptures and an English-style house, in which temporary art exhibitions and workshops are held.

With free admission, walking along its trails is a good opportunity to learn more about the native flora. Guided tours of the garden are recommended. For more information click here.

mejores parques de Buenos Aires

5) The 5 Best Parks in Buenos Aires: Lezama Park

It is located in the neighborhood of San Telmo and is one of the largest parks in the city and the oldest.  It was opened to the public in 1894 and, two years later, Carlos Thays led the reform in which were added roads, trees, various sculptures and a rose garden. Today, the house inside that site houses the National Historical Museum. On sunny days it is filled with families with children, couples and groups of friends.

mejores parques de Buenos Aires