Increasingly more business trips have become more frequent in the companies. For this reason, it is very important to optimize the time and resources to take advantage of the stay. However, business trips are not alien to any unforeseen or problems that may arise as in any trip as delays in flights, incidental, loss of luggage, tight schedules, etc. How to solve these problems? In this post I share a list of 5 common business travel problems and how to overcome them.

5 common business travel problems (& how to overcome them)

1) Flights Delay

Who has not passed it to delay the flight due to bad weather or technical problems and, soon, all the travel itinerary is changed? In the case this may become a nightmare since a meeting very important, and therefore, a client or an agreement may be lost.

How to solve it? As there is no way to avoid this type of contingencies we recommend planning the trip with more time. For example, you can fly the night prior to the meeting and leave more than three hours of separation between flight and flight, in the case of having air connections.

2) Loss of luggage

No one is exempt to this happens, in fact occurs much more often than you think. Sometimes what is lost is fundamental for the purpose of the trip.

How to solve it? Never carry important documents in the suitcase. Currently, all airlines allow to carry a bag of 10 kg in the cabin of the aircraft where usually you can put there everything what you need for a business trip. In this post I share 20 Tips for executives: tips to make the luggage.

3) Saturated agenda

Many times when we filled the agenda we ended up being late or meetings are interrupted. As the business trip time is money we must make the best use.

How to solve it? Chose the right hotel. The location of the hotel is one of the most important criteria that you should keep in mind when book and it will be the place from which you move to assist your work commitments. Another trick is to check previously travel time you’ll need to go somewhere to another. You can ask in the hotel or through mobile applications on the various means of transport and distances and delay times.

4) Communication problems

One of the big problems of business travelers is not being able to communicate with your boss or colleagues. It is especially common when traveling to another country. Also that you have no sign for your customers to locate and communicate in the place to which travelling.

How to solve it? Make sure to have Wifi in the place where you stay or anticipate to this situation with a data plan and roaming that covers your needs during the trip. An alternative is Hola Sim, the prepaid chip for travel abroad. Click here and put the word BITACORA and you receive the chip for free. Having a notebook, Smartphone, tablet with the possibility of Internet connection to be able to work during your business trip is fundamental.

5) Difficulty maintaining healthy habits like going to the gym

In a business trip it is very difficult to exercise and eat healthy. However, on a business trip there is also a need for a rest time.

How to solve it? If you are accustomed to a workout routine you can choose a hotel with a gym and get up an hour early to do at least 30 minutes of exercise. In this post we tell you some training routines to do in the gyms of the hotels.[:]