Business tourism and technology are closely related. The mobile applications market is growing fast. The technology is has returned a useful tool for the tourism of business and in Peru they have developed several useful apps that will help you in your journey. For example there are apps to help you to find tourist services, to recommend restaurants and to be able to book online and to check timetables and flights at the International Airport of Lima. They are ideal for your business trip so today we recommend 5 apps that you must have on your trip to Lima.

5 Apps you need when traveling to Lima

1)  Audioguías, Lima talks to you

This application proposes a stroll through the historic centre of Lima through 7 designed routes. You can use augmented reality to see the attractions that are close to you and listen to their stories through audio guides. You can walk by your own and learn about the Historial Center and the history of its squares, churches, convents, palaces and museums. Available for Android and Apple. The audios are in Spanish and English. Dont forget to download the audio of the routes after downloaded the application.

 5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Lima

2) Perú Tourist Services Guide

It allows you to find tourist services as travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, museums. Those places are referenced by gps so you will find those that are close to you. Available in Google Play and AppStore.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Lima

3) Table 24/7

This application is ideal for gastronomy fans. If you are on a business trip with lot of people or if you prefer to book in advance this app can make reservations online at the best restaurants in Lima: IK, Malabar, Lima 27, Osaka, Cala, La Gloria, Mayta, Maras, Amaz, Matria, La Cabrera, La Cuadra de el Salvador, La Ladrillera, La Antigua Bodega D, among others. Available for Android and iOS.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Lima

4) Peru Travel

This simple application allows you to create your own travel plan to organize. It is ideal if you have short time in the city. Available in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese and for Android and IOS.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Lima

5) Airports in Perú

It shows the information of the flights with arrivals and departures at the airports of Perú. You can check schedules of the flights as well as knowing if your flights are delayed or cancelled.

In the case of the departures, you can know the gate while for flights arrivals you will know the schedule of the landing and the baggage belt.  You can also check the weather forecast of Lima for four days so you can plan your trip and carry the properly luggage. The app is designed for iOS y Android.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Lima