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Montevideo and its Beaches

Montevideo is a destination that offers several attractive places and interesting activities to do in Uruguay. In previously posts we inform you, for example, where to go shopping and places to dance tango in Montevideo. And if you have short time in the city we recommend to take advantage of the tourist bus to visit the main tourist attractions on a weekend break. But do not forget that Montevideo is a city surrounded by the shores of the Río de la Plata. Today we want to share you all the information to take advantage of the beaches of Montevideo. 

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How to go to Montevideo from Buenos Aires

Montevideo (Uruguay) has become an ideal destination for Argentines who want to make a getaway weekend, or to take advantage of holidays in the country. The capital of Uruguay and Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, are within easy reach of each other. If one could draw a straight line it would mean about 200 km away. However, the capitals are separated by the Rio de La Plata, nothing more and nothing less than the widest River in the world. How to go to Montevideo from Buenos Aires? What is the best way to cross the Rio de Plata?

The possibilities are various, and the final choice will depend on the budget and the time that you want to invest. You have three ways to go and to analyze what is the most suitable option for your trip.

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