Today we share you several options to choose how to reach to the Dazzler Asunción from Silvio Pettirossi International Airport.

The Dazzler Asuncion Hotel is located in Av. Aviadores del Chaco and Vasconcellos, in the area more trendy of Asunción, surrounded by cultural, commercial and gastronomic centers. It is located at 8.6 km of the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, inaugurated in 1980. This is the most important airport of Paraguay and operates domestic and international flights within South America, Panama and Spain.

Transport: How to reach to the Dazzler Asuncion from Airport


  • From Dazzler Asunción we recommend to take a transfer to the hotel for reasons of safety and comfort for the guest. We offer the service of transfer. Please request it in advance by writing an email to reservas@dazzlerasunción with name, surname and flight data.


  • There are taxis available 24 hours at the exit of the arrivals room. The journey to the center of Asunción takes approx. 20 minutes.

Rent Car

  • In the room of  international arrivals there are counters of Alsarc, American Rent a Car, Sudamerica Rent a Car and Travel Rent a Car.
  • If you decide to rent a car the journey to the Dazzler Asunción is:

Direct to the South 450mts. At the roundabout take the 1st exit in direction to Silvio Pettirossi Highway. Then at the roundabout take the 2nd exit. Turn slightly to the right direction Silvio Pettirossi. Continue on Highway to the Silvio Pettirossi Airport, that changes the name to Avenida Aviadores del Chaco & Vasconcellos and continue for approximately 3km.


  • The public service has stops outside the airport and operates between 5:00 am and 8:00 pm. Line 30 (Tel + 595 21 642 369) of Vanguardia company departs every 10-20 minutes from Luque and reach different points of the city. The blue and green lines are which connect the airport with the Financial Center (Av. Aviadores del Chaco) and the Center historic of the capital. The time of journey to the center of the city is 40-50 minutes.

How get to the Dazzler Asunción from other destinations

  • From Puerto Caacupemi

Go to Luisa Valiente 750mts. Drive through Tte. 2nd Claudio Acosta 2.5kms. Continue towards Av. Dr. Esteban Semidei to destination.

  • From  International Aeromar

Go to the West through Teniente Cnel. Ramos Alfaro to Las Americas. Turn to the left at Aeromar International with direction to Las Americas. Turn right onto Av. Sudamericana. In the roundabout, take the 5th exit. Turn slightly to the right with direction to the highway Silvio Pettirossi. Continue on Highway to the Silvio Pettirossi Airport 2.7kms.

  •  From Bahía de Asunción

Go to the west along Av. Costanera José Asunción Flores. Turn left towards Paraguayo Independiente. Continue along Av. Mariscal López. Turn left at ATM Dinelco with direction at Av. Gral. José de San Martín. Turn slightly to the right in Spaguettotteca. Turn left towards Dazzler Hotel Asunción.