Recoleta is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It is famous for its parks, its beautiful buildings and museums, shopping and cultural centers. It’s one of the preferred areas by tourists who visit Buenos Aires.

When it comes to touring places in La Recoleta, there are a lot of options. The Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most important in Argentina is located in the area. And the Recoleta Cultural Centre, where you will find multiple exibitions, ranging from modern art to music, cartoons and theatre. And you can not miss the tour at one of the most impressive cemeteries in the world, the Cemetery of La Recoleta, where you can observe mausoleums of great artistic and architectural value.

Museum of Fine Arts
Recoleta Cultural Centre
Cementery of Recoleta

For shopping, La Recoleta has the best options. On Alvear and Quintana Avenue you will find the best brands in the world. And you will also have access to two shopping centers: Recoleta Mall and Buenos Aires Design.

La Recoleta is also famous for its bars and restaurants. You can access a huge offer, ranging from homemade breweries to the best steak houses in the city. And all of these inmerse in its beautiful green spaces and its outstanding architecture.